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Western Michigan’s D’Wayne Eskridge (7) runs the ball during a game against Idaho at Waldo Stadium in Kalamazoo on Saturday, Sept 16, 2017. (Mike Clark | MLive.com / TNS) Heady shoes to fill, indeed. Why he’s ranked here: This might seem a high ranking for a player who has yet to play a down. But Taylor looms as one of the real X factors for the 2021 season. Can he truly take over the SLB job and add another consistent force to the pass rush? Seattle has a lot riding on hoping that he can. Potential role in 2021: Robinson likely won’t start but should again be a regular in the rotation up front, particularly at the LEO/rush end position. Why he’s ranked here: Robinson saw wildly varying playing time in 2020 as a rookie — a high of 49 snaps in a game against the 49ers at midseason and just eight in the playoff loss to the Rams. He had four sacks along the way. With a little more consistent playing time, the production would figure to increase some, too. Potential role in 2021: Collier will battle to again start at the strongside defensive end or five-technique end. He also figures to see ample time playing tackle, as he did a year ago, particularly on passing downs. Why he’s ranked here: Collier’s status as a first-round pick in 2019 may mean expectations will always be somewhat out of whack. He isn’t going to be a Carlos Dunlap-style pass rusher. But he can be an effective player at a key position, able to play both inside and out — and inside may be where his most vital contributions will be going forward. Seattle found out again last year the value of depth up front when injuries hit early on. Collier, though, has new competition for the starting job in newly signed free agent Kerry Hyder. Rasheem Green will also compete for time at this spot. Potential role in 2021: Speaking of Green, basically repeat what was said about Collier as he will compete with Collier and Hyder for the strongside end spot. The reality is Seattle can find ways to use all three regularly, and that’s what the internet Seahawks want to do, hoping to have a deep defensive front in which everyone can stay fresh. Why he’s ranked here: Green missed games two through seven last year due to injury. But once he returned he usually played a bit more than Collier did (Green played 63% of snaps in the playoff loss to the Rams, Collier 37%), appearing to illustrate who the Seahawks valued more at that position in 2020.